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Sparrow Travel Media is the fastest way to connect your destination with magazine editors, writers & influencers to get more – and better – publicity.


What’s it all about?

At its very core, Sparrow Travel Media is all about connecting the traveler with the destination.

All too often many of the best locations and events that visitors would like to travel to are unknown to them, and continue to stay that way. The reasons why this occurs are varied: budgets are tight, time is stretched thin, hiring a public relations firm isn’t an option and no one on staff is a trained publicist.

As a result, some of North America’s most beautiful landscapes, charming downtowns, exciting events and adventurous destinations have fallen into the abyss of “best kept secret,” even if they don’t mean to! Enter Sparrow Travel Media; the effective, affordable solution that puts the power of public relations in your very capable hands. Every day that destinations, attractions and event teams big and small aren’t using the power of public relations is another opportunity lost.


I am a big proponent of helping our members find resources that can help them with their efforts… Sparrow Travel Media is what all these people need!
-Roger Brooks, Destination Development Association

I have worked with [Sparrow Founder] Christina for years, she knows her stuff when it comes to tourism marketing and public relations. This tool proves to be an extremely effective—and affordable—way to get our story out to the media, and encourage visitors to check out our stops.

-Mary Stewart, Founder of the Oregon Farm Loop

What impressed me about Sparrow Travel Media was that it would probably take a full-time DMO staff member to research and maintain this type information. I immediately saw the time saving and targeting benefits of these resources for our small DMO clients.

–Bill Baker, Total Destination Marketing


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